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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a great way to fast track your child's progress in reaching their goals.  The structure and scaffolding needed to parent a child with ADHD require a great deal of energy.  Parent Coaching provides support to create, use and maintain the many tools and strategies that are involved.  It is also a great option for families where the child is not ready, not willing or is too young to benefit from individual coaching themselves.


What to expect:

I can work with one or more parents at a time at my office, on the phone or by video chat.  Appointments are generally 50 minutes.  I can also work with nannies, extended family members or other caregivers.



     In Parent Coaching you will find:


  • Empathy and understanding for the many challenges you are facing every day

  • Insight into how ADHD manifests in different situations 

  • Strategies to positively activate the ADHD brain for greater success

  • Training for using the Collaborative Problem Solving method for reducing family conflict

  • Support to provide scaffolding for your child

  • Steps to transition from managing your child through constant prompts and reminders to coaching your child to build their own executive functions.

  • Skills to provide an ADHD friendly environment

  • Tools for staying calm with emotionally dysregulated children 


"Most of us as parents want, more than anything, for our children to be happy and successful; and most children want, more than anything, to feel successful and to make their parents happy. 
Our perspective changes when we start with these assumptions.  When we know we have the same goals, we start to work together and end the tug-of-war." 
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