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Life Coaching Specializing In ADHD and Executive Function

Coaching is a partnership focused on moving you forward in life.  We will help you identify any possible ADHD traits and Executive Function challenges that may be getting in the way, as well as work on building your personal strengths to serve you better.  Together we will come up with tailored strategies to support your goals, developed from your values, interests, and passions.  This collaborative yet individualized approach ensures your strategies will continue to work for you in the long run.


In the coaching process you will:

  • Explore what you want and where you want to be

  • Better understand your unique brain wiring and what it means to have an interest-driven brain

  • Use your interest, skills, and strengths to leverage your attention

  • Improve concentration and focus by understanding your learning style and what motivates you

  • Clarify your intentions to help you prioritize 

  • Find personal organizational strategies that actually work for you, rather than a one size fit's all solution

  • Improve time management through a greater understanding of how you experience time and learn how to "see" time to meet obligations

  • Create clarity around difficult choices and get "un-stuck"

  • Gain insight and courage in a safe and nonjudgmental space

  • Experience support in every step toward achieving your goals


What to expect:

We can meet in person at my NE Seattle office, over the phone or by video at whatever interval works for your schedule.  I usually meet with clients weekly or every other week to maintain continual progress toward your goals.  Appointments are usually 50 minutes long.  You will always determine the discussion topic for our meetings.  We will regularly review our goals and progress to make sure we are heading in a direction that is working for you. 


Compass Coaching is committed to providing a safe, respectful and culturally-informed space. 




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