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College Life

The transition to college can be challenging when adjusting to a new environment with increased expectations and without the structure that is often provided at home. It can be a lot to manage your own schedule, routine, and self-care in addition to more rigorous academic expectations.  Coaching can help you get started on the right foot or help you get back on track.

What to expect:

We can meet in person at my NE Seattle office, over the phone or by video.  I usually meet with clients weekly or every other week for 50 minutes. 

I am also happy to meet with parents, sponsors or other family members.  

Student Looking at Building
Experimenting in Lab

I support college students to:

  • Navigate the unstructured college environment

  • Build executive function and life skills

  • Access appropriate school services

  • Prioritize daily workloads

  • Manage distractions

  • Provide self check-ins and accountability systems

  • Learn skills to manage social issues

  • Better cope with stress 

My office is close to the following campus':​​

  • North Seattle Community College less than 1 mile

  • UW 2 1/2 miles

  • Seattle Pacific University 5 Miles

  • Seattle University 7 Miles 

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